Adopt a Hive - Our Little Apiary
Adopt a Hive - Our Little Apiary
Adopt a Hive - Our Little Apiary
Adopt a Hive - Our Little Apiary
Our Little Apiary

Adopt a Hive

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All sales on this website support our little apiary and help us expand it. Our aim is to care for more bee colonies and help these wonderful pollinators thrive at a time when their habitat is under threat. 

You can help.

We now offer an adoption scheme which will boost growth putting more honeybees in the sky and out foraging on hedgerows, bramble, wild flowers and fruit trees.

We have designed a new area near our farm which will be used exclusively for this purpose. We're getting the equipment ready and we just need your support to make it happen.

Adopt a hive.

If you choose to adopt a hive with us, you will be helping to prevent the decline of the native honeybee population here in Britain, and you will also be receiving these wonderful benefits: 

  • We will set up a beautiful new cedar hive, hand made in the UK for our special new apiary. It will have a plaque installed on it with either your name, your logo (if you are a company) or the name of a loved one if you decide to dedicate it.
  • We will populate it with a colony of locally sourced bees, and do all the beekeeping required to care for them. We will send regular updates, images and even videos of your hive in action.
  • We'll send you an adoption certificate, showing the location of your hive. You can visit it anytime, and we can arrange a proper inspection together.
  • At harvest time, you will be sent 12 x 280gms jars of your hive's honey. This is raw honey, unprocessed and unpasteurised, straight from the hive. 
  • As soon as you sign up, as a thank you from us, we will send you a little gift box with a selection of our products: from our soaps to our wax products.

It makes for a wonderful gift, or a special treat. It means that you are helping the environment whilst also enjoying the fruits of the 'investment'.

After the first year, you will be asked if you wish to take it on for a second year at a much reduced rate.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.